Krishana Plaza, Tejgarhi Chourha.

Libraries have been identified as one of the keyelements for open access to information, which iscrucial to educational development. They areregarded as agencies through which sources ofinformation of accumulated knowledge andexperiences are selected, acquired, organized,preserved and disseminated to those who needthem. They are the knowledge centres whichfacilitate inculcation of reading habit in thestudents with a. view to develop in them about awareness about their area of academics andbroaden their view-point towards various issues andthe environment. Libraries are regarded asagencies through which sources of information ofaccumulated knowledge and experiences areselected, acquired, organized, preserved anddisseminated to those who need them.

Each institution of NG I has an airy, well ventilated and well lit library. They are a store house of knowledge with over 45,000 textbooks, reference books, general books; periodicals by worthy authors of national and international repute Invaluable Reference books are also available for the students and the faculty members. The Library receives a vast range of magazines and journals both National and International besides the Daily National newspapers.

A number of foreign and national journals and periodicals are being subscribed. Library, the delight of a reader, has a digital section as well, where students can have access to e-books, e-journals etc.

In our present day world, Computers have assumeda significant role, and have become an integralpartof our lives. In keepingwith the times the ourlibraries are fully computer zed. They are managedby qualified and experienced librarians. The timings of the library are 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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